The power of the Personal Cooling System (PCS) to bring temperatures down by as much as 30F degrees is now available in a high quality safety vest! The Hi-Vis Hydration Pack is designed to go beyond the "Be seen to be safe" motto for high visibility vests. A multi-directional mist nozzle clipped in front of the vest (chest level is recommended), guarantees that the wearer will always be moving into a cloud of fine mist that instantly cools the air and helps to regulate body temperatures. The PCS pump can be used anywhere, in and out of the vest, as an easy way to beat the heat on the move!

  • High-pressure pump with multiple speeds
  • Wireless Remote
  • 2L Water Reservoir
  • Multi-directional & adjustable nozzle
  • PCS battery lasts up to 12 hrs.


This is a kind of pack that you might think about and say, “that would be cool” but man extreme mist really executes. I love taking this pack with me as a trail runner and athlete it is fun and functional!
- Siena 

For those who spend time outdoors in hot conditions, it's a must! I've had a couple of hydration systems before. But the genius idea to add there a function of a cooling system is a big selling point. It kept me cool during a bad heat wave in NYC while all the outdoor events were canceled
- Darya 

Fun!!! Extreme Mist transformed surface of the sun to a comfortable place for an all day stroll. 5 days in a row. I would use 1 bottle of water then fill bladder with ice. Lasted all day. Hundreds of miserable people. Our group wasn’t. Kids would occasionally turn nozzle away from me and walk beside few few minutes getting refreshed. Perfect
- Gary W

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