Camels to Covid: Ron Laikind interview on Shift Shapers Podcast w/ David Saltzman

Camels to Covid: Ron Laikind interview on Shift Shapers Podcast w/ David Saltzman

This week’s episode is a conversation with Ron Laikind, an adventurer with a penchant for adaptability and owner at Extreme Mist PCS, LLC. Today, Ron explains how he meets the needs of current times through on-the-spot creativity.

He shares that the idea for a misting system began on camelback while traversing the African desert. Ron also shares how he has since adapted his product to fight COVID-19 and adjusted it for use in the sanitation industry.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 03:10 Finding business inspiration on camelback
  • 06:36 Extreme Mist: Starting the company and developing the product
  • 11:11 Adapting his invention to battle COVID-19
  • 17:35 Pivoting his sales profile: Selling to the sanitation industry


06:25 “That’s lesson number one. Don’t hesitate. If you think you have something, jump on it because if not, it’ll just sit in the pages and the ink will dull.”

07:18 “I’m walking, cycling, running into a nice cold cloud. So wherever I go, I’m walking right into it and I’m staying cool. I’m breathing it in.”

08:23 “I needed a hands-free operation so I could enjoy my trek and at the same time stay cool. And that’s what I came up with.”

15:20 “I went back over there ten minutes later, filled it up with their sanitizing fluid, and it’s a wireless remote with eight different speeds, so the manager put it on, started walking around, and the gym broke out in applause.”

17:40 “It’s probably fifty to one, maybe even more than that now, from our misting and drinking products from the Extreme Mist line going over to the portable sanitizing system line.”

Source: Shape Shifters Podcast - Ep.327


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