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Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. Before making a warranty claim, please contact us at (602) 368-9625 or info@extrememist.com with any questions or to perform troubleshooting solutions to attempt to solve any problems.

Warnings: Read the instruction manual very carefully before using any ExtremeMist® products. Be sure to save the instruction manual. Do not use this device for anything except the intended use. Do not operate if the product is visibly damaged. Do not disassemble or modify any parts, this will result in voiding the warranty. Do not submerge the Personal Cooling System (PCS) unit under water. The PCS Pump is not water-proof; do not spill water in the vent slots or battery charging port. The battery must be fully charged and used within the first six months of purchase or the battery life may degrade and fail to retain a charge. The lithium-ion battery must be charged twice a year at minimum, to retain full charge capacity. Be sure to only use the power source provided by Extreme Mist. Do not use the ExtremeMist® PCS charger on any other devices, as doing so may damage those devices, be harmful to user or create an electrical fire. Use only clean, filtered, soft water with the unit. Putting alcohol, sports drinks or electrolytes in the unit will result in voiding the warranty. Do not place unit in the freezer or near a source of heat. The recommended operating temperature is from 45°F to 140°F. In freezing conditions, remove all water from unit or internal hoses may freeze and/or burst. Clean and sanitize the unit periodically to prevent mold or bacteria from growing in unit and hoses. Cleaning will help prevent blockages. Not for use by small children without adult supervision. The PCS is not a therapeutic device.

Warranty Details: ExtremeMist applies a one (1) year or 1,500 hours-of-use warranty, whichever comes first. The warranty begins from the original date of purchase and covers the product from manufacturing defects under normal use. The warranty covers any damage incurred during the shipping process. If the product is defective, ExtremeMist® will repair or replace the product at our discretion. Please contact us prior to returning the product, so a company representative can try to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Customers requesting warranty consideration should first contact Extreme Mist at (602) 368-9625 or info@extrememist.com to obtain a RMA number. The warranty applies only to the original customer and is not transferable and proof of purchase is required. Please return product in resalable condition to ensure a valid warranty. Shipping costs for the return may be the customer’s liability at the discretion of Extreme Mist. As the customer. you are responsible for any loss or damage to the product during the return shipment. ExtremeMist® will be responsible for the cost of shipping the new or repaired product to you after your item has been received and tested by our staff. 

Please mail returned items as well as a copy of your registered warranty form to: 10446 E Jomax Rd, Suite #105-2 Scottsdale, AZ 85262.