The Dangers of Heat Exhaustion

The Dangers of Heat Exhaustion

Let’s talk about heat exhaustion. It’s easier to give yourself heat exhaustion than you think it is, and it's a very serious issue that many people don’t take seriously.  If not treated properly, it can progress into heat stroke, which can damage your brain or other vital organs. There are two types of heat exhaustion: water depletion and salt depletion, these happen when your body does not have enough water or salt reserves to sustain itself (want to know more about the importance of water? Visit our previous blog post to read up!). The most common symptoms of heat exhaustion are: confusion, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, headaches or muscle aches, rapid heartbeat, nausea, or profuse sweating. 

Heat exhaustion is strongly related to the heat index, and the risk of heat exhaustion greatly increases when heat index is above 90ºF. If you live in certain parts of the world, you are no stranger to temperatures this high. Here in Phoenix, we are living with 90º and higher for almost half of the year. Because of that, we’re always trying to find new ways to stay cool so we can stay in a regular routine throughout the summer, including being active outdoors during daylight hours. Not only that, but outdoor enthusiasts everywhere know what it’s like to want to go farther in the heat, even when they know about the potential risks of heat exhaustion.

Experts say that one of the best ways to combat heat exhaustion is by using “cooling measures” while you’re out in the heat, or after heat exhaustion strikes - they suggest cooling towels or fans. While these systems are okay for short periods of time, they are hard to sustain, and often fall short of keeping the user cool for any substantial amount of time. Well, this is where ExtremeMist comes into play. The ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System is a 2-in-1 Hydration Misting & Drinking system that is perfect for staying cool in the heat! The system can be purchased either as a complete “Just Add Water” pack, or as a Retrofit Kit to install into almost any other hydration pack. 

The ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System is one unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. With its lightweight pump and rechargeable battery system, the ExtremeMist PCS  is a no-brainer addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s gear collection. Using as little as 1.5 cups of water per hour and lasting up to 12 hours per charge, this versatile system can sustain the user’s body temperature and water reservoirs for a substantial amount of time, especially when compared to other cooling devices such as mist fans or cold towels. 

So, next time you are going out into the heat, knowing the risks of heat exhaustion and all potential solutions, make a good choice for yourself. Choose the ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System to keep you cool, hydrated, and safe during your next outdoor adventure!


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