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Updated July 04, 2020 by Tina Morna Freitas

Best High-End

9. Tian North Handheld

8. Mistymate 2.5

7. Orbit Flex Cobra

6. Hand Fan Portable

5. Core Gear Classic

4. O2 Cool Mist 'N Sip

3. Extrememist 2-n-1

2. Core Gear Ultra

1. Lunatec Aquabot Sport

Editor's Notes

June 30, 2020:

Some might wonder if a personal mister is just an excuse to charge more for a spray bottle, but the magic of a mister is that the droplets are so fine, the air around you feels refreshing and cool, but you don't end up wet. To get the mist to be this fine, the water needs to be shot out under a lot of pressure, and that pressure will most likely either come from a battery-operated pump or a manual one.

A popular style is a mister that also serves as a water bottle, like the Lunatec Aquabot Sport and the O2 Cool Mist 'N Sip. They almost look like regular water bottles, but they still need to be pumped to get the water out. The Lunatec is especially versatile because you can adjust it from a mist to a powerful stream, so you can use it to rinse things off as well.

For this update, we decided to include the Extrememist 2-n-1, although it's more than most people will want or need, this option could be a lifesaver for those who like to do all-day hikes in the summer heat. It can continuously spray the air right in front of your face, hands-free, for up to 12 hours on one charge, and there's a second nozzle you can grab to take a sip whenever you need it.

We included the Orbit Flex Cobra even though you can't take it everywhere you go, except for a place where you can hook it up to a garden hose. In this case, the pressure is provided from the water pressure in your hose, and the Cobra provides a lot more spray than the handheld type, but it only mists the person right in front of it while they are spending time by the pool or patio. It's the ideal option for relaxing outdoors because it's completely hands-free once the direction is set.


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