The All-New GoMist Misting & Drinking Bottle

The All-New GoMist Misting & Drinking Bottle

Climate change has affected some of the most enjoyable parts of our summer! Nowadays, sunny days become unbearable in an instant. This is why people who love the outdoors are always at risk of having heat strokes and other heat-related maladies, especially during the summer. When you go biking, hiking, camping, or anything else you love doing outside, you need to hydrate yourself at any moment. Thus, stainless steel water bottles have become an essential item to take with you whenever you’re on-the-go.

Anywhere you go, you see people with their water bottle – at the park, coffee shops, malls, gardens, and beaches. Trying to stay active and healthy has made us all very conscious of our hydration level.

Have you ever wanted to just stand in front of the AC and try to make cool yourself off as quickly as possible? When you are hiking, or doing extreme sports, drinking water is insufficient to cool your body. It may feel like you need a blast of cold air to keep you from overheating. Unfortunately, you can’t carry an air conditioner with you. But what if you did have something handy to keep cool on the go?

This is where Extreme Mist’s newest product enters the scene – the GoMist Misting and Drinking Bottle. It allows you to drink and cool yourself from the same sports bottle. It looks like your regular water bottle but can produce a cool mist by just hitting the button on the cap. It has two misting speeds to choose from – a Gentle and Turbo mode. It cools the air around you up to 30°! The cap has a USB-C type port so make sure you charge it before going out to enjoy hours of refreshing mist. The GoMist Misting and Drinking Bottle also come in 3 colors – Marine Teal, Polar White, and Midnight Black. In addition, the cap can fit a large portion of wide-mouth bottles so you can use bottles of any size for it. It also features a nickel-plated brass nozzle and a fold-away handle. These are just some of the features of Extreme Mist’s newest invention. It’s not your regular sports bottle, but your hydrating and cooling bottle.

Wherever you go, you don’t need to worry about the hot weather when you bring this bottle with you. It’s best for hikers, marathon runners, climbers, bikers, campers… anything you can think of! If you’re a sports coach, letting your players have this misting bottle may even improve their game performance. But who said it’s just for athletes or sporty people? Even in your regular routines, you can also have this cooling and misting bottle with you, especially when you’re going to be in the sun for awhile. It’s a 2-in-1 cooling water bottle - it doesn’t just hydrate you; it also rejuvenates you.

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