Detachable Dual Holster Hydration Waist Pack

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If you've owned a vertical bottle waist pack before, you've probably noticed your natural walking/running motion means constant collisions with your elbows. This dual holster pack was intentionally designed to avoid this oversight by positioning the holsters behind your hips. No matter the season or the conditions, staying hydrated is key to making the most of your time outside. Whether you’re running, hiking, or cycling, hydration needs to be convenient and easy. The Detachable Dual Holster Hydration Waist Pack is the perfect solution for simple, on-the-go hydration.

You don’t need to bring along a bulky backpack next time you take a short walk, hike, or ride. Instead, keep your hydration close at hand and out of the way with the Detachable Dual Holster Hydration Waist Pack

Keep your back cool and your hands free with a simple, comfortable waist pack. With dual sport bottle holsters, you can carry all the water you’ll need for a shorter hike. The large storage compartment, zipper pockets, and elastic cords allow you to secure any other essentials you’ll need for a quick adventure.

This waist pack has a zipper attachment for the ExtremeMist Misting & Drinking Hydration Backpack. Attach the two together for extra storage, added water for longer adventures, and to redistribute much of your pack's weight to your hips for a more comfortable carry.

Whether you use it as one of the best stand-alone hydration waist packs or as a great add-on to our ExtremeMist Misting & Drinking Hydration Backpack, you won't be disappointed.

Dual Holster Hydration Waist Pack Size Chart:

Unisex Sizes

Waist size starts at:

Waist size expands to:

XS (expands to L)

24" M (61 cm) / 0 W

34" M (86 cm) / 16 W

L (expands to 4XL)

30" M (76 cm) / 10 W

50" M (127 cm) / 26 W


Compatible with ExtremeMist Thermal Insulated Water Bottle and most 3" (7.6 cm) water bottles.

Portable Misting Features: 

 When you need to carry more water and gear, attach the Waist Pack to the ExtremeMist Misting & Drinking Hydration Backpack. Add extra storage and redistribute your pack’s weight for a more comfortable feel.

 Keep your water accessible for easy hydration with dual sport bottle holsters.

 Stash snacks, keys, and other gear in the large back storage compartment with a key clip attachment.

 When you start to warm up, secure extra layers with elastic cords.

 Keep essentials at hand with two roomy side zipper pockets.

 Enjoy a cool and comfortable fit with a mesh back panel.

Personal Cooling Specs:

2 Adjustable Sizes:

Small: adjusts from XS to L

Large: adjusts from L to 4XL

Color: Charcoal Gray or Sky Blue

*Holds standard 3-inch (7.6 cm) diameter sports bottles

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