Demo Days Video

Here at we travel the country going to events to find awesome current and new products and the brands behind them. This Extreme Mist Personal Cooling System is one of the best products we've come across in a long time.

Developed in the heat of Arizona, the ExtremeMistPCS is a pump and misting system you hook up to your current hydration pack bladder. The system consists of a small pump and battery put together in one small 16oz unit. You connect the pump to the Y-Connector, which is spliced into your current hydration bladder drinking hose. You run your drinking hose as you always would after install, and then route the misting hose on the opposite shoulder pad. The included remote allows you to change speeds of the mist output depending on the type of activity your doing.

An on-the-go hands-free misting system that's perfect for everyone from extreme sports enthusiasts to your best pal.

PCS on dog with saddle bags