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Ron Laikind, CEO of ExtremeMist interviewed by Andy Jacob, CEO of DotCom Magazine. Ron Laikind is the inventor and entrepreneur that has brought this incredible ExtremeMist personal cooling system to market. Andy Jacob asks Ron Laikind how he came up with the idea, how he developed the product, and what new things are happening at The ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System Company. The ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System has been named the best new outdoor product of the year by DotCom Magazine. The ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System remarkably keeps users cool when it’s hot outside and is ideal for any outdoor activity including hiking, running and cycling. The ExtremeMist personal cooling system can also easily instal into almost any hydration pack, and allows the user to mist and drink from the same reservoir. The system also can mist golf carts, outdoor canopies, beach chairs, boats, ATV’s and anywhere else you want to cool down fast. Andy Jacob, CEO of DotCom Magazine says, “Ron Laikind is the consummate Entrepreneur and inventor, and is able to bridge both duties very nicely. I’ve known him for years and he always impresses those around him. We are delighted to have Ron Laikind join us for our DotCom Magazine Entrepreneurs Making News Video Series. We are especially intrigued at how Ron Laikind took this idea and quickly figured out how to re-purpose the Personal Cooling System (PCS) technology to disperse antimicrobial solutions and other chemical disinfectants.” Andy Jacob continues, “This is a sign a true entrepreneur.”

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