Portable Misting System Quad Kit Unboxing and Assembly

Table of Contents:

00:00 Intro

00:40 Unboxing and Contents

03:11 Feed Line and Filter

03:43 PCS Pump

04:38 Insert Feed Line into Pump

04:49 Insert Mist Line into Pump

05:05 Drop Feed Line & Filter into Water Container

06:00 Nozzles and Connectors

06:14 Connect and Disconnect Mist Line into Nozzle Connectors

07:16 Turn Pump on with Remote

07:38 Remote

08:38 Evacuate air from Mist Line

09:06 Aftercare, Cleaning, Winterizing

10:22 Inside the Nozzle

10:45 Fixing Blocked Nozzle

13:56 Pump Battery

14:31 Charging the Pump