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ExtremeMist Can Keep You Cool Anywhere!

Extreme Mist is a versatile product ideal for hikers, campers, and others who are looking to cool down with mist when it is too hot outside! 

ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System, Misting and Drinking 2-in-1 Hydration Pack

If you are a passionate hiker, you know how intense it can be to hike when it’s hot outside, and you can’t find shade. Campers who set up their tents know how quickly they can heat up, and the only thing to think of then is how to cool yourself.


That is where Extreme Mist comes into play. This amazing product can be added to different hydration packs to produce mist whenever you need some cooling.
It is perfect for campers, hikers, runners, and cyclers, but you can also use it at home, on a beach or boat. Extreme Mist is perfect for any severe weather conditions when you need to moisturize dry air!


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