Portable Misting Fan Unboxing and Assembly

Table of Contents:

0:00 Introduction

0:25 What's in the box?

1:57 Turning on the fan and adjusting speeds

3:06 Adjusting the fan

3:43 Setting up the misters

5:48 The Pump Remote

6:40 Before Running the Pump

7:08 Turning on the Pump

7:30 The Pump Charger

8:42 The Fan Charger

9:22 The Solar Panel

11:26 The Misting Line

13:27 Setting Up the Misting Line

14:10 Ties and Clips

15:00 The Pump and Pump Battery

15:46 Connecting/Disconnecting the Mist Line

17:38 Connecting the Pump to a Water Source

18:20 Turning on the Complete Set-Up

20:18 The Nozzles

21:42 Troubleshooting a Blocked or Malfunctioning Nozzle