The Importance of Water

The Importance of Water

Water is the fuel of life. The Earth’s surface is 71% water, the atmosphere is full of water, even the human body is mostly water (it’s literally in our bones). Without water, all of these systems as we know them would crash and burn, failing to sustain themselves. Water is what keeps everything going. Our bodies rely on having a consistent water source to keep moving, thinking, living, and doing whatever other activities you do! So, next time you head out for a hike or run without sufficient water, think twice… how is your body going to sustain itself, especially during physical activity when you’re consistently losing water, if you don’t have enough to replenish yourself? 

Drinking water refuels your muscles, regulates body temperature, boosts your immune system, and has countless other benefits as well. Yet, many people consistently find themselves without sufficient water throughout their physical activity. So, if staying hydrated is essential to our body’s proper functioning, why is it so hard to keep hydrated? Carrying a water bottle during hikes or runs can be inconvenient, sometimes there are no available water sources, and sometimes people can just be forgetful (it’s okay, we’ve all been there). 

Here’s where ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System (PCS) comes in. Not only is the system hands-free and lightweight, but it has the added benefit of 2-in-1 Hydration. This vest-style hydration backpack is sure to help you improve your water consumption and keep you cool and hydrated during any outdoor activity with both misting and drinking. Best yet, it’s hands free, and the mist is easily controlled by the wireless remote, which you can clip onto your pack or stash in a pocket. Let the water you drink keep you hydrated while the mist keeps you cool, and stop worrying about not drinking enough water or carrying around bulky and inconvenient water bottles.

Our insulated cover will keep your drinking water cold, and due to a heat exchange process, the mist will always come out cold. With ExtremeMist, gone are the days of dehydration and sweating out the brutal summer heat. With ExtremeMist, you’re ready for any adventure, any daily activity, anything you do. With ExtremeMist, you’re ready to Cool Down, Go Farther!

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