Why ExtremeMist?

Why ExtremeMist?

What makes ExtremeMist™ special? We’ve seen it before, misting systems that connect to the tops of water bottles, or professional patio misters at restaurants, but where’s the in between? Professional patio misters aren’t portable, and water bottle misting systems are not hands-free, and they greatly limit your water source. 

That’s where ExtremeMist comes in! Combining the best of both worlds, the ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System (PCS) is portable, hands-free, and professional grade. Our pump puts out 170-psi, can be controlled by the touch of a button on a wireless remote control, and is either worn on your back or clipped to a structure (so it’s totally hands-free). 

Our “Just Add Water” pack comes with a 2 liter reservoir and an insulated cover to keep your drinking water cold, and the Retrofit Kit can be installed into ANY size hydration pack. Stay tuned for a future post detailing the various features of our “Just Add Water” Pack coming soon!

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