4-n-1 Portable Misting Fan Pro w/ Solar Panel, Mist Pump & 16ft Mist Line Attachment

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The ideal upgrade to a powerful misting fan is making a misting pump capable of creating even more powerful mist, allowing it to effectively cool even larger areas of space. The ExtremeMist Advanced 4-n-1 Portable Misting Fan retains all the features of our original misting fan and adds a stronger and finer mist. It can now also be used separately or in conjunction with the included 4 nozzle mist line system making it our most versatile and powerful misting system yet.

When you love the outdoors, you shouldn’t spend your summer hiding inside. You don’t need a garden hose or electricity to stay cool in extreme heat, but you do need a portable system that can cool you down in a matter of seconds. With the Advanced ExtremeMist 4-n-1 Portable Misting Fan, you can create a cool escape no matter where you are.

Create your own cool breeze with this powerful, portable fan. Take your cooling to the next level with three misting nozzles that add a burst of a fine mist for instant refreshment. It also includes a 16' (4.9 m), 4-nozzle mist line attachment that can be used separately or with the misting fan. Simply add the included “T” fitting to connect the mist line to the fan and use the misting fan and overhead mist line together or remove the pump from the fan and clip the line to patios, beach umbrellas, golf carts, or anywhere else overhead only misting is desired.

4 Set-Ups, 1 Purchase!

     1. Stand-Alone Fan - Simply charge the fan and turn it on if you don't need the mist.
     2. Misting Fan
- Fill up a water container, connect it to the misting pump, turn the pump and fan on, and enjoy hours of misting refreshment!
     3. Quad Nozzle Kit
- Connect the 16' (4.9 m) mist line with 4 nozzles to the misting pump, attach the mist line with provided clips and ties, and cool down.
     4. Misting Fan w/ 4 Nozzle Kit
- Remove one nozzle from the fan, and insert the end of the mist line into the fan's fitting, then set up the four nozzle kit to enjoy mist from both the fan and the mist line.

Portable Misting Features: 

 New and improved Personal Cooling System (PCS) with higher PSI and a liquid-cooled pump

 Customize your cooling needs with a wireless 8-speed remote control.

Take this cooling system anywhere - no hose or outlet needed

Escape the heat without going anywhere. The portable misting fan provides a cloud of refreshing mist.

Enjoy a strong, forceful breeze with five aluminum fan blades.

Cool large areas and adjust as needed with a fully tilting metal cage and 180 degrees of flexible airflow.

No need to head inside to recharge - this wireless system has a long-lasting built-in Lithium power pack and can recharge on the go with the included portable solar panel.


  • Rechargeable 14-inch (35.6 cm) misting fan with 4 mist nozzles
  • Advanced Personal Cooling System (PCS) pump with rechargeable battery pack
  • Wireless remote turns Advanced Pump on/off with 8 speeds of mist control 
  • 16-foot (4.9 m) mist line attachment with 4 mist nozzles **
  • 12 leather clips and 6 rubberized twist ties for mounting
  • 4-foot (1.2 m) feed line (to connect to a water container)**
  • Insulated softshell case for Advanced PCS Pump
  • A/C fast charger and micro USB cable
  • Brass intake filter/hose weight
  • Solar panel and A/C wall charger for fan

*Note: Advanced PCS pump is not integrated with fan, as it can be used with other ExtremeMist products. Fan and Advanced PCS pump, operate, charge, and turn on and off independently of each other

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